Jawbone Up Modes

After learning about the different types of LED light indications, it's time to learn about switching between different types of modes in your Up fitness band.

It's really interesting to know that such a simple, small wristband with just 1 push button is capable of having so many built in features. Let's go into details.

Up Band Types of Modes

The 2 main modes will be the Awake Mode, and the Sleep Mode. The awake mode will keep track of all the activities when you are awake, and the sleep mode will do the same when you are sleeping. These 2 different modes will track and provide you with totally different information.

As for the Awake Mode, you'll be able to track:
  • Steps
  • Goal completion
  • Distance walked
  • Active time
  • Total calories burned
  • Longest active period
  • Longest idling period
  • Active burned calories
  • Resting burned calaries, and many more
As for the Sleep Mode, you'll be able to track:
  • Total time slept
  • Goal completion
  • Light sleep duration
  • Deep sleep duration
  • Duration took to fell asleep
  • Total duration in bed
  • Awake duration
  • Number of times you've woke up, and many more
You can see that just these 2 modes alone, you'll be able to get so much information about yourself. It's up to you how you want to analysis these data. As for me, improving my deep sleep is the most important factor. I'll go more into that in future post.

To know which mode you are in right now, just press and release the button once.

Changing Between Awake and Sleep Mode

You have to switch between Awake and Sleep mode to track accurately, and therefore, just before you sleep and right after you've woke up, you have to switch between these 2 modes. To change mode, you just have to Press and Hold the button. Once the mode is changed, the Up Band will vibrate to alert you. You can see the LED light change as well.

Change To Power Nap

Your personal Up fitness band will analysis your sleep data and give you the optimal duration for Power Nap. The duration will last between 27 to 45 minutes, depending on individual's sleep pattern. Once the power nap is done, a gentle vibration from the band will wake you up.

To switch to Power Nap mode, you have to make sure you are at Awake Mode first. Press button twice, and hold on the third press until the Moon LED flashes. Once done, you are in Power Nap Mode.

Start Up Band Stopwatch

Yes! I'm surprised too! There's a built in stopwatch inside this wristband. It's simply amazing. You can go for a jog, track your timing and sync with your smartphone after that. Everything is tracked and saved inside your personal Up Fitness Band!

To start the Stopwatch, you have to be in Awake Mode. Just press the button once, then press and hold the second time until you see the Sun LED flashes. The band will alert you by vibrating. Your stopwatch starts running now.

Stop Up Band Stopwatch

To end your Stopwatch, just press once, then press and hold the button until the Sun LED glows. Your stopwatch has stopped your timing.

Charging Jawbone Up Band

The last mode will be charging mode. The lithium-ion battery claims to last up to 10 days. I've tried myself and there's no problem lasting 5-6 days. I never really drain my battery empty. I'll charge when it's around 30% level. There are 2 ways to check the status of your battery level.

First is during charging. While charging, your UP band will indicate a pulsing sun. It means the battery is charging. When the charging is done, a solid sun will be shown.

The second way is to plug your Up Band to your smartphone. It'll indicate the percentage of battery life left and estimated numbers of days you can go without charging.

The charging process is rather fast. From 20% battery level to fully charged, it took me roughly just 1 hour. One charge can last me about a week, and therefore I'm really pleased with the battery life.

One thing to take note. I always use my laptop's USB port to charge. The voltage (5V) is smaller then using wall charging. I feel safer this way as it draws less current. I've heard several cases of Up Band hanged after charging, but so far, I've not encountered personally, so I'll continue to use USB port to charge.

So what about you? Which mode do you use regularly? Share with me in the comments below. See you Up!

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