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Jawbone Up App is full of features. I'm going to highlight some of the features that can be found inside the app. Like I've mentioned previous, this app needs a Jawbone Up Band to work, else it'll be pretty useless. If you haven't get your personal Up band, you can get it here.

Jawbone Up App - Home

This is where you'll see most of your news. The concept is similar to Facebook, where you can scroll down to check the updates from your friends, or teammates. Your status will be posted on the wall and your friends will be able to see as well.

Right on top will be your achievements for that day. You can see your goals completions for Active and Sleep.

As you can see, I've hit 96% of my Sleep Goal, but so far, I've only walked 654 steps (lazy me!). Need to catch up later!

When you scroll down, you'll be able to see your friends' updates.

Try encouraging each other when goals are met to keep each other motivated. I like this App more than Facebook right now as I know all my friends have a common goal, that is to keep fit! We can post photos of what we eat, as well as sharing some nutritional tips.

Up Active and Sleep Status

If I want to see my Sleep and Active status, I'll be able to do it here.

Over here, you can analysis your own data. Right now, I'm more interested in achieving 50% deep sleep. So far so good. I was sleeping for 6h 45 min, and able to have about 3 hours of deep sleep. I felt fresh when I woke up, ready to maximize my day!

Up Mood Tracking

You are able to log your moods and track how your mood co-relates to your performance. Have a deep understanding how your mood swings over a period of time.

Up Food Tracking

ndYou may find that there are plenty of apps out there you can use to track your daily meals, a Jawbone Up App is just one of them. But I'll like to track everything about me in just 1 app. I do not like to switch between apps, especially when I'm serious about my health. Unless other 3rd party Apps are able to do more, I'll stick to Up App for food tracking.

This app allows you to scan, type or snap a photo of the food you are consuming and automatically calculate the calories intake. Though I can't find some food there, I'm always able to pull the nearest type of food.

Therefore right now, besides enjoying my meal, I'm able to snap a photo, enter the food I'm eating and have the calories intake automatically updated inside my Up App.

Up Daily Motivating Tips

Last but not least, we tend to feel demotivated at times. Up App will send up daily motivating tips to keep us going. Although it can be as simple as just 3-4 sentences, it'll boost up my day.

I'll check the tips daily to see where can I improve to achieve better health. The tips are customized based on my data, which I find them really meaningful.

So what about you? Do you like Jawbone Up App? Any special features you like personally? Care to share with me in the comments below? See you Up!

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