Jawbone Up App - Profile

Jawbone Up App - Profile

At the profile page, you'll be able to see everything you've done since the first day you registered on this app. You can change your profile photo, track your progress, your friends, their progress, etc ....

You can even include 3rd parties app to have news delivered to your profile page automatically. I'll talk about it in future posts. As you can see, the handsome guy sitting on the sofa is me :) So if you don't mind, just search and add me as your teammate. You can add me in Twitter @ twitter.com/IAmVanson.

One good point about Profile Page is, if you want to find a particular post you've posted, it's better to search through the Profile Page rather than Home Page. Currently I've more than 50 teammates and it's quite hard to find some old posts. By going through Profile Page, I'll just look under my own posts, which is a huge time saver.

So how's your Profile Page doing? If you don't mind, add your name in the comments and we connect as teammates? See you Up!

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