Jawbone Up Fitness Band

Wearable electronic devices are the next big thing in the coming next 3-5 years. Many companies such as Nike, Samsung, Jawbone and Apple invested heavily in their R&D. Each company is trying their best to produce a wearable device that can again, change the entire world.

So what exactly is wearable electronic devices?

Wearable Electronic Device

The heading says everything. The concept is simple. It's a piece of electronic device that people not only can carry around like their smartphones, they can wear it. The question is, why do people want to wear these e-devices? What can these e-devices do for us?

These wearable technology devices have some computing power and a ram in it. Basically it serves as a function to ease our everyday lives. One of the most popular wearable technology device that is currently under developing is the famous Google Glasses. Another piece of equipment under development is Apple iWatch, which is rumored to release somewhere in 2014. These devices have the capabilities of doing some basic computing functionality, which will help in our everyday lives.

So far, the mentioned devices are still in the making. However right now, on market, one of the best wearable technology that has been invented is non other than the Jawbone Up Fitness Band. To me, this is the next best invention after the introduction of iPhone.

So what is Jawbone Up?

Jawbone Up Fitness Band

Jawbone is a company famous for their speakers and headphones. When Jawbone introduced this Up wristband, it totally shocked the world. Even a "music" company has the foresight of wearable technology.

Jawbone Up is basically a wristband, where you can wear it on your wrist. It's a fitness band and you do not have to do anything especial. It'll be able to serve two basic functions, mainly:
  • Track your steps,
  • Track your sleep,
This piece of equipment is so smart that by wearing on your wrist, it'll be able to compute the number of steps you've walked daily. Of course, with the steps given, it's able to give you every data possible, such as the distance covered, calories burned, duration of active/inactive time, etc ... You are basically wearing a smart computer around your wrist!

The thing I really like about Jawbone Up is the capability of tracking our sleep. I tend to be a light sleeper who gets tired during the day. I even thought of going for a Sleep Test, but in my country, it takes around $500-$800 just to monitor my sleep for one night.

With the night or you can also call sleep function, this smart wristband is able to tell you how fast you've fallen asleep, the numbers of hours you sleep lightly or deeply, number of times you've woke up, etc ... To me, it's simply amazing! With these data, I'm able to tune my daily activities to suit my sleeping habits. I'll explain more in my future posts.

Additional Features of Jawbone Up

If you think that's about it for Jawbone Up, you are wrong! There are many additional features that come with this wristband. In fact, I'm still wondering how can a small wristband do so much. One good feature I like is the Smart Alarm.

You are able to set up to 4 alarms with this wristband. When the time's up, it'll alert you through vibration. Nowadays, I'm able to wake up without affecting my wife, and in return, my wife makes me a happier man every night :)

Another feature is Idle Mode Alert. This is more for desk bounded people like me. I tend to sit by my desk using computers like 25 hours a day, which makes me really unfit. This Ideal Mode Alert can be preset to alert me every 1 hour. With this, I can leave my desk, do some stretching, drink some water before continuing my work.

There are many, many other functions that I'm going to blog in my future posts. But for now, my ideal mode alert has alerted me to stop and go for a jog. So what do you think of this amazing Jawbone Up? Do you wear one too? Let me know your experience in the comments below.

See you Up!

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