Jawbone Up Sizes and Colours

The first impression I had when I wore my Jawbone Up Wristband was the comfort. It wrapped nicely around my wrist and to be franked, I hardly feel any weight on it. It did not hinder my daily life and at times, I totally forgot I was even wearing a band!

However, in order to wear it steady on your wrist, you have to choose the correct size to suit your wrist. Everyone's wrist size is different, so choose wisely.

Jawbone Up Sizes

Jawbone Up fitness band comes with three different sizes:
  • Small,
  • Medium,
  • Large.
The specifications for the sizes are:

  • 52 mm W × 35 mm H (inner)
  • 66 mm W × 50 mm H (outer)
  • Perimeter distance: 141mm (inner), 198 mm (outer)
  • 19 g


  • 63 mm W × 40 mm H (inner)
  • 76 mm W × 54 mm H (outer)
  • Perimeter distance: 167 mm (inner), 220 mm (outer)
  • 22 g


  • 69 mm W × 43 mm H (inner)
  • 81 mm W × 56 mm H (outer)
  • Perimeter distance: 180 mm (inner), 236 mm (outer)
  • 23 g
As you can see, even the heaviest band weights only 23g. You can exercise or do your daily work at ease without worrying this wristband will pull you back.

 I suggest you give a slight allowance and not wearing Up too tightly. You'll feel more comfortable in this way.

If you are lazy to take your measurement, there's a simple way (which I personally use). At the back of the Jawbone Up Box, you'll be able to flip up a transparent cover with a big hole in the middle. This "hole" is actually the size of the Up Band. Just put it around your wrist to test your size.

Through this way, you do not have to take any measurement at all. Just go to the shop, insert your hand and get the size you want. If you are ordering your Jawbone Up online, you have no choice but to measure your wrist, unless you want to try at the shop, but order your wristband online.

Jawbone Up Colors

Jawbone has designed this wristband to ensure everyone can pick their favorite color. It has surprisingly 8 colours in total, such as:
  • Onyx
  • Mint Green
  • Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Navy Blue
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Hunter Green
I've chosen Onyx as it will not be dirty easily, or rather, too obvious to see the dirt.

So what about you? Which color do you like? Let me know in the comments below.


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