Jawbone Up Idle Alert

Another good feature Jawbone Up has is the Idle Alert. Since it's a fitness band, it has to alert us to start moving when we are idling, or not moving.

You can access the Idle Alert page from Jawbone Up App. At Home screen, just swipe left to access to the Right Hand Menu. From there, simply tap Idle Alert to access the settings.

Set Idle Alert

Once you're in the Idle Alert page, you'll be able to enable/disable the alert. You can set when you want your Up Band to vibrate when you are idling, ranging from 15 min to 2 hours.

Next, set your Start and End time. Let's say you are working in an office at work, you can set 8am to 5pm. This Idle Alert will just vibrate during these hours. Once it alerts you, just stand up and do some stretching before going back to work.

It all depend on individual. Just set your idle alert to suit your lifestyle.

So what do you do when your idle alert vibrates? I'll like to know. You can share in the comments below. See you Up!


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