Jawbone Up Third Party App - IFTTT

There are many third party apps you can link to your Jawbone Up App, however I find IFTTT is one of the best, if not - the BEST! I'm using IFTTT not only to Jawbone Up App, but to my daily life as well. It's so useful that now, I can't live without it. Ok I'm exaggerating, but it's really that good.

So what is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for - IF This Then That (IFTTT). You can choose from a pool of apps what you want the criteria to be. If the criteria is met, it'll perform a task based on another set of apps.

You can see my updates from Up App as follow:

Weather Update from IFTTT

I've set to post a weather update to my Up App automatically at 8am in the morning. This will allow me to plan my day, as well as my exercise routine.

Instagram Photo Post

I've mentioned previously if a social network doesn't have photos, the users are not having fun! The best way to post photo is of course from Instagram! When I take photos via Instagram, the photos will automatically post on my Jawbone Up Wall for my teammates to see. Isn't that cool?

Twitter Post Update

Jawbone Up App doesn't allow you to update your status. It only allow you to comment on others. So the best way to update your status for your teammates to see is through Twitter! I'm a big fan of twitter and usually, I'll update my status a few times a day. These tweets will automatically update on my Jawbone Up wall!

If you think that's all, you are wrong! IFTTT has tons of other functions you can test out yourself. I've yet to really sit down and try all different combinations. The ways are really ... unlimited! You have to try to blend your own "recipe" yourself! It's fun!

Remember previously I've mentioned if we are able to view our status through Lifeline, not only our steps and sleep activities, wouldn't it be great? It can become our diary. One look we can recall what we are doing at that period of time. So how do we do it? Via IFTTT!

Look at my Lifeline, you can see I've engaged in different activities and the status are posted right at that time.

If you tweet, or post a photo via Instagram, it'll be logged in your Lifeline. The more you post, the more you can remember what you are doing. All the status will be logged automatically. You do not have to do anything at all.

So right now, I'm tweeting my status wherever I go, whatever I do. If I go for a job, I'll tweet and it'll be recorded. I'll just scrolled back and able to view all my past history. It's really a convenient, one look history logger.

How do you link IFTTT to your Jawbone Up App? Just download IFTTT from Apple or Android Store, or back to App Gallery from your Up App and click on the + icon. Make sure the Green Arrow on the right is there, and you are done!

So how do you use IFTTT? I'm sure there are tons of other ways. Care to share your recipe with us through the comments below? Thanks!


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