Jawbone Up App - Lifeline

Jawbone Up App - Lifeline

Up App Lifeline is rather interesting. It compiles all your data, both Active and Sleep and plot it into a long chart, activities vs time.

You can see your performance's summary from here, and trace back all the way till the very first day you've joined this Up Community.

This summary allows me to know what I'm doing at that period of the day. For example, I knew that I woke up around 630am today. From about 637am to 8am, I'm not doing anything. Actually I'm doing some work on my computer. From 8am onwards, I walked to a nearby cafe for breakfast. This summary shows clearly what I'm doing 24/7. Pretty impressive huh.

As much as I like this Lifeline features, there are some points I hope Jawbone Up designers can take into consideration. First of all, I hope this Lifeline Page is able to rotate. I'll prefer to view this page horizontally (landscape), rather than vertically (portrait).

Next, I hope to add some comments, or balloon words at different periods to make it as a mini diary. I can log down my previous examples such as "Doing work @ Computer" and "Having breakfast at ABC Cafe" so as to remember my every move.

Even better, I can take some photos of my activities and have the photos log instead of typing. So Jawbone Up Designers and Programmers, if you happen to read this blog, please take my suggestions into considerations. Thank you!

So do you have particular requests? Just drop in the comments below. Who knows, maybe your suggestions and ideas are being implemented! See you Up!

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