Jawbone Up App - Notifications

Right now, we are living in a society of very fast pace. Everyday, tons of messages flood us, leaving us with almost no time for ourselves.

Social networks are fighting for our attention and with the constant whatsapp messages coming in, we'll miss lots of messages and activities updates from our Jawbone Up teammates. Luckily, Up App also has their Notification Center. We'll be able to see any new updates from here.

Jawbone Up App - Notifications

You can see from the above photo, every new updates will be updated under Notifications screen. You can either enable or disable sounds in your settings. As for me, I disable sound alert, leaving badges and lock screen enabled.

Every once a while, I'll just check if there's any new updates for me. In this way, I'm able to keep up with my teammates, knowing what's happening to them and send them regular encouragements.

If you have too many notifications, you'll be able to delete them. Just select top right hand box and you'll be able to delete any notification you want.

So what about you? Do you find this notification screen useful? Let me know in the comments below ok?

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