Jawbone Up Fitness Band Soft Reset

At times, Jawbone Up Fitness Band may malfunction, such as
  • Hang
  • Vibrate at wrong timing
  • Vibrating non stop
  • Unable to switch modes
  • Unable to charge
  • Unable to sync
  • LED indicator hangs, etc ...
It's common for every electronic devices. Even my iPhone tends to crash after using for a long. So what can you do?

Well, when things happen, all you have to do is to Soft Reset your Up Band. It works like a computer, which will reinitialize itself, clear the memory and back to normal. Don't worry, your data will still be saved inside the band.

Up Band is designed to withstand most rough conditions, such as weather and during exercise. It's tough, but doesn't mean it will not spoil. Try to handle with care at all times and your Up Band can last a long time.

How To Reset Jawbone Up Wristband

If your Up Band is not working properly, try to do a soft reset and see if it'll solve your problem. Most of the time, after setting, the problem goes away.

To do a soft reset, you have to
  • Attached your Up Band to the charger connector.
  • Plug in the charger connector into a USB port with the power on.
  • Press and hold the button on Up Band without letting go. The processor is rebooting right now. Do not let go.
  • When the reset is done, the band LED will flash rainbow. You can release the button now. Resetting is done.
Try your Up Band again and see if it's working fine now. Most of the time it will, and you can wear it back to your wrist once again. Good luck!

So do you encounter Soft Reset problems? Let me know in the comments below and I'll try to help. Thanks!


  1. Both soft reset and hard reset just don't work on my band. the red light will flash once after I plug it into the USB port, but it doesn't flash rainbow.

    Shall I keep holding the button until the rainbow LED shows up? :(

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  3. I've tried to reset my up24 and no joy. The band will flash with the green flower icon and vibrate a couple of times. I press and hold down but it doesn't want to soft reset. What else can I do to get back on track? Could it have a bug? Sleep tracking has been a bit hit and miss the last week.

  4. To add to my last comments, it is plugged into the USB on my laptop but isn't showing as charging?...

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