Jawbone Up Wristband Won't Sync

There are times when you plug your Jawbone Up Wristband into your smartphone, but there's no response. The Up band simply doesn't sync with your smartphone. When this happen, many of us panic. "Is my Up Band faulty?" Don't worry, just follow the steps below and you'll get your Up Band alive once again.

What To Do When Your Jawbone Up Band Doesn't Sync

1. Manually Sync

First of all, unplug your Up Band out. Close your Up App. Then restart your Up App and plug in your Up Band once more. If it doesn't automatically sync, you can do in manually by tapping the top right hand corner Sync Button to sync any time.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

This Jawbone Up App requires an internet connection to work. You have to ensure that there's available wifi or 3G connection from your smartphone. If you are unsure, just open your browser from your smartphone and go to http://JawboneUpTips.blogspot.com. You should be able to see this website from your smartphone browser if internet connection is present.

3. Check Your Device's Volume Settings

This is funny, and I'm not sure why. You have to make sure your volume is on as well. Just go to Settings from your smartphone, tap on Music or iPod and set your Volume Limit to the maximum level.

4. Re-Sync Once More

Try to plug out and back in to your smartphone once again after ensuring the above steps. Do not twist or bend your band.

5. Test Your Headphone Jack

Maybe it's not the Up Band giving issue, it's the headphone jack from your smartphone giving issue. You have to confirm that it's working fine by pulling in a earphone/headphone into your smartphone's jack and listen. If there's no sound or music, your headphone jack is probably faulty. You can get it repair or sync your Up Band to another smartphone.

6. Test Audio Connection

You can test audio connection by opening Voice Memo app from your smartphone. Plug in your Up Band and see if the dial is moving. If the dial stays at zero, you can email Jawbone Up Customer Service for further troubleshooting instructions.

7. Quit And Relaunch Apps

Another common problem can be other apps running with audio, causing a clash with Up App. Just terminate all current running apps. Make sure all apps have quit before you relaunch Up App again. Try syncing and see if it works this time.

8. Reboot Your Device

If your band still doesn't sync, you can try to reboot your Jawbone Up Band. Just do a soft reset and try syncing with your smartphone after that. If it still doesn't work, just email Jawbone Up Customer Service for further help.

So have you encounter your Up Band Syncing issue, and manage to solve it? Care to share your steps in the comments below so more people can benefit from it? I thank you first :)


  1. are times when you plug your Jawbone Up Wristband into your smartphone, but there's no response. The Up band simply doesn't sync with your ... jawbonearmband.blogspot.de

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