Jawbone Up App - Help

Jawbone Team really have their customers in mind. They try to include everything possible within their app. Their Help is simple, straight forward and detail. You can find the most common troubleshooting tips right here.

Jawbone Up App - Help

The Up App Help gives us 5 tips:
  • Know Your Band
  • Restore Help Windows
  • Band Won't Sync
  • Soft Reset
  • About
Know Your Band

This is an introduction to your band, and what can you do with it. It'll teach you the functions of different modes and how to activate them. Very useful for beginners.

Restore Help Windows

This is an orientation of the Up App, how to navigate the functions from the App. It just show you some of the most commonly used functions, but never really go into detail. This blog is still the best for guiding you through everything you want to know about your Up Band :)

Band Won't Sync

This is the first troubleshooting tip. If your band won't sync, you can follow the steps in it. I'll write a more detail troubleshooting guide at later post.

Soft Reset

Sometimes your Up Band may hang, or vibrate non stop. Just do a soft reset will do. This Help guide will walk you though how to Soft Reset your Up Band.


Lastly, it's the About page. It'll have your App and Up Band information, such as Version and Band Serial Number. I've masked mine as all bands have a unique, private S/N. Below includes some additional information about Jawbone Up Company.

So do you encounter any Help that you need? Just write in the comments below and I'll try to help if possible. Thanks!