Calibrating Your Jawbone Up Fitness Band

Jawbone Up uses the best pedometer which can track your activities and movement, giving you accurate information and data. The algorithm that is used to calculate the steps and sleep are very precise as well.

However, if you feel that the data is not accurate and you wish you further enhance the accuracy, you can calibrate your Jawbone Up fitness band yourself!

How to Calibrate your Jawbone Up Fitness Band

First of all, you you have to have at least an activity tracked by your fitness band. Only activities being tracked and saved can be use to calibrate the band accurately.

If you do not have any saved activities, you can create one right away. I suggest you choose the Walk Activity. This will allow you to choose the distance you want to walk and you can do it leisurely. Run Activity is another good choice, but for me, I'll prefer Walk. It's stressless and I'm able to do it easily.

The minimum distance you have to tracked is at least 0.1 miles (0.16km). The greater the distance, the more accurate the data will be. However, I do not suggest you move more than 3 miles as the distance covered is way too much. The ideal distance will be 0.25 miles (0.4km). That's 1 round in standard track and field distance.

You can tag your activity by timing your activity. I've mentioned how you can do it in previous post, but I'll explain it again here.

How To Time An Activity Using Jawbone Up Band

Press the button twice and hold on to the second press. The band will vibrate and green light will flash three times. The timer starts ticking.

To stop tracking your activity, just press and hold the button until the green LED sun glows. It'll stop the timer. You have a successful activity.

Right now, all you need to do is to sync your band to your smartphone. From there, go back to Settings, Calibrate Your Band. Tap on Start Calibration and select your recorded activity.

Adjust the distance accordingly and re-sync your band. That's it! It'll calibrate itself!

So how often do you calibrate your fitness band? Let me know in the comments below ok?


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  2. What is the process for calibrating the UP2?

  3. What is the process for calibrating the UP2?

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